Firefighter equipment hanging on the wall.

A Hazard on the Job: Occupational Noise Exposure Among Firefighters

Firefighters are frequently exposed to sound that is above the recommended safe noise level, putting them at increased risk for noise induced hearing loss. Read below to learn more about how RestorEar measured occupational noise exposure for firefighters on the job.

Occupational noise exposure and hearing loss are common among firefighters, leading to a significant burden on the US healthcare system and posing a hazard to firefighters’ health and safety. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) recommends a noise exposure limit of no more than 85 decibels over an 8-hour period.

RestorEar's research partners used Apple Watches to measure noise exposure among a group of firefighters during three separate 24-hour shifts and compared it to noise exposure for non-firefighters during a workday. Firefighters experienced significant hazardous noise exposure during their shifts that exceeded NIOSH’s recommended limit compared to non-firefighters. This noise exposure puts them at increased risk for noise induced hearing loss.

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