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Studies show that cold therapy may help reduce damage caused by noise exposure.

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Early Signs of Hearing Loss: Recognizing the Signs and Taking Action

Early Signs of Hearing Loss: Recognizing the Signs and Taking Action

Hearing loss is a common yet often overlooked health issue that can significantly impact daily life and overall well-being. Despite increased awareness of the issue with the roll-out of over-the-counter hearing aids and updates to Apple products to promote hearing health, many people still have trouble identifying or acknowledging signs of hearing loss. In fact, it takes the average person seven years from the time they suspect they have hearing loss to the time they actually seek treatment. Yet detecting hearing loss early is crucial for managing its effects effectively. 

We’ve already written about the unexpected signs of hearing loss you should look out for to keep yourself and your loved ones healthy. In this blog post, we’ll explore the early signs and symptoms of hearing loss that can signal you have a problem, as well as ways to act early to keep your hearing healthy for years to come.

Exploring Cochlear Implants: A Revolution in Hearing Restoration

Exploring Cochlear Implants: A Revolution in Hearing Restoration

In the realm of hearing health, technological advancements have paved the way for transformative solutions, one of which is the cochlear implant. This remarkable device has revolutionized the lives of many individuals with severe to profound hearing loss, offering a pathway to restored auditory function where traditional hearing aids may fall short. This summer, RestorEar’s research collaborators will begin recruiting for a study using RestorEar’s technology during cochlear implant surgeries, aiming to improve outcomes for patients receiving this life changing intervention.