How Do YOU ReBound?

How Do YOU ReBound?

We designed ReBound for those with the noisiest lives– military personnel, first responders, and others with intense daily noise exposure. But protecting your hearing health is important for everyone! We asked a group that trialed ReBound how they like to incorporate it into their daily routines. Here are their responses:

“I experience tinnitus and a feeling of fullness in my ears when I’m going to bed after a loud, busy day. My old solution was to turn the volume up on the TV to drown out the discomfort. I now know that this method does not provide any long term therapeutic benefit and could even make the discomfort worse. I like to use ReBound before bed because it allows me to fall asleep easier without introducing harmful habits.” - man, 23, MT

“I use my ReBound after every event where I have loud noise exposure, for example after a football game or music concert. Having studied noise induced hearing loss, I am acutely aware of the importance of protecting our remaining hearing and extremely sensitive inner ear structures. However the loud noise also increased the ringing in my ears. My ReBounds not only help reduce the loud ringing but I know they’ll also provide important protection to my long term hearing!” - man, 40’s, FL

“I love distance running. As much as I try to keep my headphone volume down while I’m training, I often find myself needing the extra motivation music provides when I’m on a long run, especially for a race. Sometimes I’m listening to music for over an hour at a volume that may exceed safe levels. I’ve started using ReBound after my runs while I stretch to cool down. I love that it fits so easily into my post-workout routine and doesn’t take extra time or effort when I’m tired from training. I love knowing that my ears are supported so I can continue to train with music for years to come.” - woman, 24, NY

“I am a fan of going to live music. I’ve heard that musicians go deaf young because of all the loud noise, but what about their audience? I got ReBound to wear after concerts. Normally, I would stay up late anyway after a show because of ringing in my ears. But 20 minutes of using ReBound provides relief so I feel better the next day.” - woman, 27, WA

“My job is loud. I work in construction, so there are always drills, jackhammers, bulldozers, you name it. A lot of the men and women I work with have terrible hearing. My wife and I recently became parents, and that has motivated me to take better care of my health for my kid. I want to be able to hear her sports games, choir concerts, and recitals. I like to wear ReBound when I get home from work while I’m playing with my daughter. In ten years it might embarrass her, but hearing is worth it.” - man, 31, MT

There are many ways ReBound can fit into your wellness routine, whether you use it to combat daily noise exposure or after extreme noise events. Wherever and however you ReBound, your ears will thank you for it. Shop ReBound here.

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