What Makes ReBound Special? Novelty, Innovation, Passion.

What Makes ReBound Special? Novelty, Innovation, Passion.

“Isn’t it just an ice pack?”

“Why not put a bag of peas on your head?”

“Why is it so expensive?”

These are some of the questions we frequently hear about ReBound, and we get it: ReBound uses an age-old home therapy for inflammation. It can’t be that sophisticated, right? But ReBound is so much more than just an ice pack. Here, we delve into the design features that make ReBound the first-ever, research-backed premium product of its kind using a novel approach to hearing protection.

Custom-Formulated Cooling Packs

We will start with the meat of ReBound– the therapy itself. If you are unfamiliar with the science of how ReBound works, we have another article here to check out. ReBound cooling packs were designed specifically with this research in mind. They have a custom u-shape that fits around the outer ears without covering them. They were designed this way for two reasons. First, the shape allows for cooling to be applied in a direct, localized manner to the inner ear, meaning less time is needed to achieve optimal cooling. Second, by leaving the outer ears uncovered, you are able to go about your daily life and continue to hear unencumbered while you use ReBound.

Another aspect of the cooling packs that makes them special is their gel formula and outer material. We use a non-allergenic, non-toxic cold gel and covering that is customized for ReBound gel packs. It stays cold but flexible long enough to reach optimal cooling in the inner ears (20+ minutes for ReBound Original cooling packs and 30+ minutes for ReBound Extended cooling packs). They are also antimicrobial, so they won’t pick up that typical freezer-burnt smell. And to be sure, they come with an antimicrobial pouch to store them.

Comfort-Fit Self Adjusting Headband

We could have stopped with novel, research-backed cooling packs, but we wanted to take ReBound a step further and make it more convenient for you to use cold therapy. We designed our ReBound headbands with comfort, practicality, and usability in mind. They are soft and flexible, the way that you would want a hat, sleep mask, or your favorite pair of headphones. The band auto-adjusts to the size of your head, so you don’t have to take it on and off and on again to find a comfortable fit. ReBound has an easy Velcro closure that stays locked in position as you move about your day. Finally, it would be impossible to highlight the design features of ReBound without talking about the premium material. We selected a soft, smooth material for ReBound so that it’s friendly to many hair textures.

Made in the USA for Those Who Need It Most

The last feature of ReBound that we’d like to mention is that it was made in the USA. ReBound is designed in Bozeman, MT and manufactured in Everett, WA. It was important to the RestorEar team that ReBound be made by partnering with local suppliers and manufacturers. ReBound is designed for those with the noisiest lives– military personnel, first responders, industrial workers, construction workers, and more. We chose our manufacturing partners to continue this legacy of supporting US-based operations. 

ReBound is not just an ice pack. It is an expertly-researched, locally designed, and one-of-a-kind product for hearing health. We are ecstatic to be bringing ReBound to you. Shop yours here.

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